26th March 2017

To the Staff of Underdale High School,

I would like to thank the staff for the work that went into organising and facilitating last week’s sports day. As a parent of a year 8 student, whose first interests are not sport, I thought this sports day was an excellent opportunity for her to see fellow students excel, strive and at least participate.

I thought the tone of the event was fantastic, I saw students congratulate each other for their effort even when they didn’t win. Students encouraged each other to ‘give it a go’ and I witnessed one student coming last in the 200m stop running but then give herself a shrug and put in everything she had left, to finish as fast as she could!

I would like the staff to know that this event will support us to develop our (daughter’s) relationships in her learning and provides a visceral experience of what it means to strive. We can talk about the courage it takes to step out of our known limits and ‘give it a go’ no matter the outcome.

Thank you for your past effort to develop a culture in our school that has made this multicultural, collaborative event possible.


Ralf Matters