Hard work pays off! Thanks to the fantasic staff at Underdale High School for creating a positive environment for their students. We are so grateful of their support, skill and encouragement they invest in the lives of the students. Please take a bow!


Allan Litten - Parent of Jaiyi Litten - DUX of 2016 - Recipient of the Principals Scholarship at Bonython Hall, University of Adelaide, 7th May 2017.

Dear Mr Harriss,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I attended Underdale High from 1986- 1991, under the principalship of Don Morley. I was just reminiscing about what such a great education: academically, socially, emotionally UHS provided me. However, it was more about the implicit curriculum, the way the teachers of the day went about their craft. I am myself a primary school teacher, within the Catholic system in Ballarat, having worked at Blackfriars, Prospect for nearly 20 years. There is nothing like a tree-change. I have just completed my Masters of Educational Leadership (over 7 years and 4 kids of our own). I thought I would just let you know how one old student has fared. I was not a high achiever but UHS, in partnership with my parents, instilled a great sense of persistence and resilience in me. It was a pleasure to look over your website at all the great things you are doing. I wish you and your staff all the best for the rest of the year.

Pace e bene ( peace and all is good)

David Richardson

6th April 2017

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