Underdale’s Middle School curriculum enables all students to study a comprehensive and balanced curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum. This curriculum outlines the knowledge, understanding, skills and general capabilities important for all students. Learning in the Middle School is structured so that students have opportunities to -


  • Establish positive relationships with their peers and teachers
  • Develop ownership and responsibility for their learning and the learning environment
  • Experience a sense of achievement and success
  • Develop the skills and qualities for learning and effective citizenship
  • Experience a wide range of learning experiences that are relevant to their needs and enable a range of pathways and choice in their senior school years.

To support these aims Year 8 and 9 students study many of their subjects in their Home Group classes. Through the Social Education program 8-10, Home Group teachers build close relationships with their students and develop a collaborative classroom. Class sizes generally average between 24 - 27 students. Teachers provide support to meet students' individual needs and use a range of strategies to assist students to reach their potential including peer support. Teachers collaborate in Learning Teams to ensure the curriculum is coherent, relevant and quality teaching practices are used.


Assessment in the Middle School includes a range of authentic practices including student presentations to a panel and is based on The Australian Curriculum achievement standards which describe the quality of learning typically expected of students as they progress through schooling. The achievement standards can support formative and summative assessment practices and provide a basis for consistency of assessment and reporting. Student progress and achievement relative to the standard is reported using A-E grades.


To find out more about the Australian Curriculum, visit the Parent section of the Australian Curriculum website at https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/.