Year 8

All Year 8 students will study:

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A full year of;


A semester of;




    • LOTE (Greek or Japanese) or Intensive Literacy (Intensive Literacy is a subject only for recommended students based on EAL and NEP levels. Students in Intensive Literacy do not do a language at school.)




* Students who enrol in the Netball Program are not enrolled in Year 8 HPE. Critical aspects of the Year 8 HPE subject are incorporated into the Year 8 Netball Program. These students are enrolled in Food and Textiles Technology.


^ Students must apply and qualify for the Football (Soccer) Academy, which is a full-year course. Qualifying students are not enrolled in HPE or Food & Textile Technology. Critical aspects of the Year 8 HPE and Food & Textile Technology subjects are incorporated into Year 8 Football (Soccer).

Individual subjects will run as determined by student choice, teaching expertise and facilities available.