Year 11

Subject selections will be shaped by student aspirations, previous academic results and teacher recommendations.

All Year 11 students will study:

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A compulsory full year of;

A compulsory semester of;


Year 11 students must obtain passing grades in Research Project, their Literacy choice and 1 semester of numeracy as a compulsory component of their SACE.


Year 11 students will also have a study line in one of the semesters to help develop their time management and independent study skills.


Intensive Literacy is a subject only for recommended students based on EALD and NEP levels. Enrolment in Intensive Literacy may decrease Free Choice Subjects by two (2 semesters).

Year 11 students can then choose up to 8 semesters worth of Free Choice Subjects (subject to notes above) from;

Students wishing to do a language not offered at Underdale High School can explore doing that language externally through the School of Languages. Students should choose the free choice subject LOTE - SOL and complete the application form available from the course counsellors.


Individual subjects will run as determined by student choice, staff expertise and facilities available.


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