The Underdale High School Gifted Program supports high achieving students in the middle school to be challenged and reach their academic potential. Over the years our students in the Gifted Programs have achieved their personal academic goals.

Who are our Gifted Learners?

At Underdale High School we believe gifted students require programs designed to meet their special needs. Our program’s success is a direct result of the attention paid to the identification and selection processes of our students, combined with emphasis placed on the teaching of higher order thinking skills. In addition the program is enhanced by the ‘gifted learning’ trained teachers available in our school.


Our curriculum approach for gifted learners, supported by the whole middle school focus on interdisciplinary curriculum, meets the needs of gifted students who are often capable of seeing the big picture and the interconnectivity of concepts. This ability is further enhanced for our gifted learners through access to a broad range of extracurricular activities which focus on creativity and teamwork.


At Underdale High School, we accept and encourage individual differences and the uniqueness of each student.
Students may demonstrate ability or potential in one or more of the following areas:
• General Intelligence
• Specific academic areas
• Visual and performing arts
• Psychomotor ability
• Leadership
• Creative Thinking
• Interpersonal and intrapersonal

Identification and selection of our gifted learners

The early identification of giftedness is important to ensure that highly able students receive the support and stimulation required to reach their full potential.

The identification of gifted learners can be based on evidence supplied to our school from:

• Teacher recommendations from both the previous schools and from UHS staff
• Presentation of student work samples
• School and externally administered standardised testing
• School results
• Psychologists reports
• Self nomination and
• Parent/caregiver information

Our Gifted program is supported by:

  • Extension and Enrichment Programs offered by all learning areas to cater for gifted students.
  • Grouping of students within a class to provide a supportive environment
  • Mentoring for students who have a strong interest in a specific field, so that they are supported to further develop this interest.
  • Providing access to leadership and social skills development (Youth Leadership Conferences/Workshops, Student Council, etc).
  • Providing withdrawal from class opportunities for small groups of highly able students to engage in problem-solving team activities and to undertake excursions.
  • Involvement in National competitions, Bridge building and Robotics/Engineering Challenges.
  • This individual learning experience is further enhanced through the involvement in the following enrichment programs:
  • Science/ Maths and Robotics Club
  • Musical bands, choirs and ensembles
  • A range of sports
  • Science and Engineering challenges
  • English Competitions
  • Mathematics Quiz Night
  • Meet the Writer Programs
  • International Exchange program

Vertical Acceleration

Some exceptionally abled learners may be accelerated vertically in specific subject areas. In these special cases students are supported by an Individualised Education Plan and their learning program is closely monitored.

Entry to the Year 8 Gifted Program

Year 7 students may apply to participate in our Gifted Program.
Application forms for Year 7 students seeking to apply for a position in the Year 8 Gifted Program are available from the school and on our web-site. Please contact the school for further information.

These interested and talented students need to:

Applicants will then be invited to undertake a test. Successful applicants are guaranteed a placement in this program at Underdale High School in Year 8.
As students move through the middle school, a team of teachers monitor them closely. The program is ‘fluid’ with the opportunity for students to move in and out. The team reviews the placement of students who are not maintaining a high performance and commitment and identifies other high achieving candidates to enter the program.

Applications for entry into the 2018 Year 8 Gifted program are due FRIDAY, 19TH MAY 2017 .