About my life at Underdale

I arrived at the school at the beginning of term three and never found myself in a situation without anyone to talk to or have fun with in breaks like recess or lunch. I can actually say this is true. Here, at Underdale, nearly every student from the school who saw me, came up to me and asked me to hang out with them or just said hello and introduced themselves. I didn't expect that and I was really surprised.

From day one I made good and loyal friends, which I had a lot of fun with. The school level is high for Australia I have to say and the teachers are way better then in Germany! School is normally for me, something where I don't like to go but I have to go. Here it was completely the opposite, I was always happy to go to school and meet all of the very polite and nice Underdale High school students. The school uniform was of course in the beginning weird, BUT I got used to it really quickly as I saw other schools with way worse ones.

My goal in coming here to Adelaide and then especially Underdale was to have new experiences, learn English, play soccer, enjoy the time and make new friends. I think I have done this already in such a good way and I just want to thank you for such a great support!


Best regards Lenni