Social Education

The purpose of these lessons and the daily home group time is to support student’s connectedness with the school, their peers and teachers and to assist them in developing necessary skills to become independent and confident learners. Home Group teachers are required to plan and teach the specified program for the year level as it is within their teaching commitments and load. Staff will have an outline of the program and support material to assist them in the delivery of these sessions.
These lessons provide the structure and time for
•Whole school and year level assemblies
•Guest speakers
•Student Voice Meetings
•The delivery of identified aspects of the Child Protection Curriculum
•Subject selection process
•Supporting  with use of ICT and Daymap 
•Interclass activities
Students will have a transition folder to store all relevant documents or use an  efolio.

Home Group Teacher’s Role and Responsibilities

The Home Group teacher has a pivotal role in establishing relationships with students and getting to know them as an individual and a learner. 
•Promote positive relationships and respect for individuals
•Plan for and deliver the Social Education or Futures and Transition program and supervise students during activities, assemblies and presentations
•Provide advocacy and mentoring  and access support for individuals as required
•Model and promote the school values of Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Responsibility and Intercultural Understanding
•Work in partnership with subject teachers, coordinators and parents to ensure  positive attitude to school with successful learning and wellbeing outcomes  for individual students
•Be the first point of contact for parents
•Use the principles of Social Justice, Restorative Practices and the Student Code of Conduct to promote individual responsibility  for actions and the associated consequences
•Support students with organisation of locker, equipment for lessons, homework, notice returns etc
Administrative tasks
•Mark the electronic roll on Daymap. This is a legal document and must be accurate
•Read the daily notices
•Check uniform and inform parents through email, letter of concern, phone call about non compliance
•Monitor student attendance to school and class and inform year level coordinators of chronic absence /truancy (Refer to Attendance Flow chart)
•Follow up on student absences and lateness and make necessary changes on Daymap
•Make contact with home via email, phone, letter if a student has been away more than 2 days
•Follow up on  repeated student lateness to school
•Distribute  and  action letters and information to go home
•Attend and participate in year level meetings  and parent information  nights

Year Level Structure

Underdale High School Year level structure has a strong focus on promoting successful learning outcomes for all students by developing year level learning communities that promote trusting relationships, a strong sense of identity  and connection to the school. The Coordinators and home group teachers work collaboratively to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. This team approach provides members with support and opportunities to discuss issues related to student wellbeing. This structure promotes effective relationships and partnerships between students, teachers, parents/caregivers to ensure successful transition through the years of high school.
Year Level Coordinator’s Role and Responsibility
The Year Level Coordinator support the Home Group teacher with 
•the program for Social Education 
•issues related to persistent noncompliance re uniform
•repeated lateness to school, truancy or regular nonattendance to school
•parent concerns or queries
•student behaviour management processes based on Restorative Practices and Student Code of Conduct
•identifying students at risk and accessing relevant support
•students’ transition through high school including course counselling, pathway and flexible options
•requests for class or subject changes
Senior Leader’s Role and Responsibility
The Senior Leaders support the Year Level coordinators and Home Group teachers with
•management of students regarding persistent noncompliance with regard to  school expectations
•parents concerns or queries
•parent meetings 
•referral to Support Services
•case management of students at risk